innovateHealth Entrepreneur Health IT Law Summit 10/17/12

Please join us for the inaugural innovateHealth Entrepreneur Health IT Law Summit, presented by Ogden Murphy Wallace, PLLC.  This half day seminar will help NW technology entrepreneurs learn how to handle the barriers presented by government regulations on the health care industry, as well as identify business opportunities and potential sources of funding for innovative Health IT technologies.

The program will take place on October 17, 2012 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., with a networking reception immediately following.

Topics scheduled to be addressed include the following:

Law at the Intersection of Health Care and Information Technology:  A Guide for Health IT Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs within the health care space need to know the unique aspects of the legal landscape.  This session will provide an overview of critical legal issues that any health IT entrepreneurs must understand.   


Show Me the Money:  Crowdfunding and Other Developments in Raising Capital

Crowdfunding has taken off as a way to raise startup and project funds.  What is crowdfunding now and what will it be when the JOBS Act regulations are implemented?  This session will provide an overview of how crowdfunding currently works, new opportunities under the JOBS Act, and the latest on the SEC’s rulemaking process.


Big Protection for Big Data:  Strategies for Managing HIPAA Privacy and Security Issues

Navigating the waters of health information privacy and security can be complicated, but not insurmountable.  A basic understanding of HIPAA, as well as identifying how your company fits under the HIPAA regulatory scheme will help inform how your company operates, how best to protect customer/patient information, as well as how to position yourself with third party vendors, investors, and partners.  This session will analyze HIPAA related obligations, provide risk mitigation guidance, and help you prepare for the upcoming next generation of health information privacy rules.

Is That App a Medical Device?  Regulatory Developments Related to Mobile Apps

The intersection between health and technology is becoming trickier as more and more apps straddle the line between technology and healthcare, and as the FDA wrestles with how to regulate this new technology.  This session will provide a basic  checklist to help you identify whether or not the FDA is likely to consider your app a medical device, provide a preview of what’s on the regulatory horizon and tips for navigating this new regulatory landscape. 

HITECH Health Reform:  Opportunities for Technology Companies Presented by the HITECH and Accountable Care Acts

Recent health reform legislation creates opportunities for information technology companies.  This session will explore new legal requirements and payment methodologies that will be implemented in the coming years, with a focus on areas where IT solutions must be developed.


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