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Seattle Startup Buzz,, Dave Chase
April 12, 2009
The Northwest is quietly staking a claim to leadership in this new innovation economy… and it makes sense. The region is home to some of the most successful software companies on the planet and we also have an extremely vibrant health care ecosystem with significant stakeholders like Swedish, Virgina Mason, Fred Hutch the UW and many others. Combine these elements and what you get is the makings of a first-tier health care innovation environment that will very likely produce the next great companies from the Northwest and could very well become difference makers in the US and even worldwide health care marketplaces.

TechVibes, Rob Lewis
May 8, 2009
Seattle-based innovateHealth is hosting a Capital Meets Innovation summit on May 12th and the panel lineup looks good. Look out for plenty of debate among attendees and panel participants as the Seattle-area has become a hotbed for health IT.
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