EMRs – Love story or a 4 letter word? 3/13/12

InnovateHealth will host a panel discussion to explore the good, bad and ugly of EMR promotion and implementation. Led by an industry expert moderator, our panel ranges from true believers in the power of EMR to entrepreneurs trying to work around them to practice managers trying to pay for them to doctors wondering which way is up. Our panel will debate the positives and negatives – from process management to customer service to data analytics and third party integrations.  Most importantly, we will focus on the next set of opportuinties that may emerge in the space – either building on the back of this infrastrucutre or figuring out how to solve for its problems. 

Moderator:  Dave Garets, The Advisory Board

Panel Perspectives:
Peter Gelpi, Clarity Health, CEO and Founder
Steve Schwartz, AllScripts, SVP Corporate Business Development
Hiroshi Nakano, South Sound Neurosurgery, CEO
Jeff Westcott, Swedish Medical Center, Interventional Cardiologist

Dave Garets

With 34 years of experience in information technology, Dave joined the Advisory Board in March 2010 to manage the firm’s health care IT research and advisory services. Prior to joining the Advisory Board, Dave served as president and CEO of HIMSS Analytics from 2004–2010, and executive vice president of HIMSS from 2006–2010. Before that, he held positions as executive vice president of Healthlink and group vice president of the Healthcare Industry Research and Advisory Services at Gartner. In addition, he was senior manager in Emerging Practices with First Consulting Group for one year and CIO of Magic Valley Regional Medical Center in Twin Falls, Idaho for five years. Before coming to the health care industry, Dave spent 13 years in various management capacities for AT&T.

Dave is a HIMSS Fellow and served as HIMSS Board Chair in 2004. He also served on the faculties of the CHIME Information Management Executive courses for 11 years and was a Charter Member of CHIME. He is an internationally known author and speaker on health care information strategies and technologies, and was recently elected to the HIMSS 50-in-50, the 50 most memorable and influential contributors to healthcare IT in the last 50 years. Dave earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing from Texas Tech University.


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