Digital health and its impact on consumerism, access, and the future of primary care – 5/21/12

Drinks | Food | Panel Discussion and Debate

This panel will explore how different constituents across the health care landscape are viewing the impact of digital health on empowering consumers.  We are bringing together a panel to debate the actual vs. aspirational (and hopefully answer a few questions):  What actually works?  Why technology enabled health care makes sense, but why it’s 10 years behind every other industry?  What’s the real impact of digital health on real doctors seeing real patients?  How does technology enable new delivery of care and alleviate pain points in provider work flow? Will my iPhone ever be my one stop shop for health care?

Panel Members:

Erika Bliss, CEO, Qliance

Ralph Derrickson, President & CEO, Carena

Brodie Dychinco, and founder of consumer health transparency start up

Colby Voorhees, Group Health

moderated by  Rob Coppedge, VP Business and Corporate Development,  Cambia Health Solutions  

Sponsored by: Cambia Health Solutions, Ogden Murphy Wallace PLLC, point b and everymove


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