Top 5 Quotes From Summit (Please Add Your Own)

Here are my top 5 quotes* from yesterday’s Capital Meets Innovation Summit. Please add your own in the comments section if you’re so inclined. (There were a lot, terribly hard to choose.)

  1. The first time I took investor money was the first time I started having a hard time sleeping. … Profit is liberating. – Cliff Monlux
  2. Health care is a great place to be. It’s a pile of manure right now, but you can grow big flowers out of that. – Howard Mahran, Deep Domain
  3. We’re one natural disaster, one terrorist attack, one pandemic away from this thing [the stimulus plan] not happening. Betting the farm on stimulus money is not a risk I would want to take. – Richard von Riesen
  4. Banks didn’t invent PayPal, accountants didn’t invent Quicken. … Coming at health care from another industry perspective can help. Make your pitch to investors as simple as possible: Our customers like us, we’re cheaper than our competitors, we have recurring revenue, we’re scalable. Period. – Henry Albrecht, Limeade
  5. We’re looking for superhero CEOs. – Alan Frazier, Frazier Healthcare Ventures



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