Recap of Tuesday’s innovateHealth Event

Thanks to everyone who joined us Tuesday night at innovateHealth.  Becky  Williams of Davis Wright Tremaine and Michael Burcham a serial health care entrepreneur and professor at Vanderbilt University led a vibrant discussIHB.JPGion about regulatory restrictions and entrepreneurial opportunities facing emerging health care companies. Thanks to Becky, Michael and the more than 50 representatives of the region’s most innovative companies who made the evening such a success.

Becky’s presentation updated the audience on the implications of the recent stimulus legislation on health care services and technology companies. The group was especially interested in the issues related to certification of electronic medical IHA.JPGrecords. Not surprisingly, these certification standards are still TBA. There was also considerable interest in the changes to Business Associate rules – which could have far reaching impact on vendors and service providers (if they are phased in as planned).

Michael built on Becky’s presentation by discussing entpreneurial opportunities he is seeing amidst the market chaos.  His presentation focused on five business opportunties that he finds particularly interesting in light of the Obama administration’s priorities and budget proposal, the economic downturn and other changes working their way through the system. In particular, he focused on the need to build businesses around managing and coordinating the handoff of patients being discharged from hospitals, ways to extend primary care resources (especially human capital), developing next generation disease managment business centered on the providers, opportinties to assimilate and draw actional conclusions from growing pools of health care data and general opportunities in the care for the elderly.

As usual, there was a vigourus discussion after the presentations – which continued after the event and on into email and blogs the next day.

Faultline Ventures, Clarity Health Services and iMedExchange have been pleased to organize and host innovateHealth’s inaugural events. We would love to include other organizers and sponsors, so please let us know if you are interested in getting involved.


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