For Those Just Joining Us….

For those who weren’t with us at our first event in late 2008, we have linked to a few blog posts that were generated by that evening’s conversation.

From Next Things First

If the Health Care Technology Network catches on as a formal group for regular networking (and potentially the promotion of the opportunities in this cluster) it could help the cause of attracting capital. It could certainly provide an platform for raising awareness of companies operating in this region. The most successful organization of this type, the Nashville Health Care Council, has succeeded in bringing cohesion and a professional framework to the Nashville market place.

As someone said at the first  meeting of the Network: “Seattle is a brand”. Now, for those of us in the health care business,  we need to make sure we agree on what that brand is conveying to our industry and begin turning up the volume.

From the iMedExchange Blog:

Highlighting the advantage of Seattle’s entrepreneurial spirit and focus on innovation, [we discussed] that Seattle is not as risk averse as some other cities currently thought of as health care hubs such as Nashville and Louisville… the group discussed Seattle’s distinct attitude of “doing well by doing good’ and left the evening event feeling energized and looking forward to more gatherings where active collaboration and brainstorming is the focus.


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